LB Falling Knife

Extending my put ladder to Nov on this #FallingKnife.
Sold $LB Nov 16 27.50 puts @ 1.10.

TQQQ #ShortPut bought to close…

TQQQ #ShortPut bought to close July 20th 60 Put @ .40 when TQQQ hit 64.80. Sold 7/11 for 1.00. I’m debating the wisdom of selling the 7/20 62 or 63 with TQQQ at the top of the channel and NDX at ATH. Best to wait or find something else.

#shortputspread #earnings NFLX Sold Sept….

#shortputspread #earnings NFLX
Sold Sept. 350/360 put spread for 2.20

Closing INTC

Taking this off into strength. Bought to close $INTC Jul 20 50 puts @ .18. Sold for .54 on 6/18. I was fully expecting to take assignment on this (it was around 48-49 just 2 weeks ago). Getting lucky on the timing of the up move so I’m taking advantage.

#fallingknife FYI AVGO is down…


AVGO is down 14%
LB down 10%


STC GOOGL 20 JUL 1140/1145 BuCs @4.70…BTO 7/10 @3.95 #supercharger
Thanks to @hcgdavis and @kathycon this has become my go to strategy for now…:)

#pietrades Rolling everything out 2…


Rolling everything out 2 weeks for vacation 🙂
Some of these are still open positions.

MU 55 call rolled out 2 weeks for 1.27 credit. Cost basis 56.23. Another 2 rolls should bring profit.

WDC 8/3 75 put was sold last week for 1.29
EXPE 7/27 115 put sold last week for 1.90. Both of these are going into earnings as 21 DTE #pietrades.

AMAT lot 1 47 CC rolled out 2 weeks for 0.28. Cost basis 50.83. Will take a few more rolls on this.

FAS 64 cc rolled out 2 weeks to 65 for 0.31 credit. Cb now 63.10.

TQQQ 59 CC rolled out 2 weeks for 0.85 credit. cb now 57.80

XBI #fuzzy 87/96.5 rolled out to 8/3 for 0.30 credit. Cb decreased to 9.72. May reset in 2 weeks by rolling both up a few strikes if it keeps going.

AMAT lot 2 47 cc rolled out 2 weeks for 0.27 credit. Cb now 47.40 so should see profit in another 2 rolls.

That’s it for now. Letting theta decay pay for vacation, at least I covered the airline tickets in cash today on sales/rolls 🙂

Sorry @fuzzballl UAL was cheaper than AAL but we may make the news if we get thrown off the plane 🙂

Have a good expiration and week, check in when we get back but not even taking a computer. Need to unplug!!!!