BTC DIA Jul13 245c @ .20. Sold @ 1.61
STO DIA Jul13 242.5c @ 1.97

BTC SSO Jul6 113c @ .20. Sold @ 1.18
STO SSO Jul13 111.5c @ 1.46

Core long positions lost the ground they gained yesterday but nice to collect and keep some premium.

#coveredcallcampaign LUV Tradewise recommendation last…

#coveredcallcampaign LUV
Tradewise recommendation last month, today I bought August 17, 52.50 #coveredcall for 49.83, 51.69 and 1.86

MU short calls

BTC Jul6 53.5c @ .20. Sold @ 1.24
STO Jul13 51.5c @ 1.40
Things are getting sloggy going into the close.


BTC July 20, 90 puts @.05 covering over 2 week early. Because I am doing leaps and selling short calls, I am letting a lot of these put just run off.

#ShortPut #PIETrade Sold 1 July…

XOP #ShortPut #PIETrade Sold 1 July 13th 42.5 Put @ .80. Assignment would give me a basis of 41.70 just proud of support at the 50dma.

#fallingknife maybe TSLA 40 point…

#fallingknife maybe TSLA

40 point drop in the last 2 days (making me happy-for now)

LMT pre-earnings

Bot Jul20 310c @ 1.94.
GTC order to sell at 80% profit or will sell the day before the earnings report whichever comes first.
LMT has had a rough patch the last couple months so it may be riskier than usual to take a pre-earnings momentum trade. However, it has the best CML study results of all the pre-ER trades I’m following. Excellent returns on entering trades 14 days, 7 days, or 3 days (any day for that matter) before the report. All study results are based on exiting the trade before the report. There is no earnings risk on these trades.