Expiration / Close SPX Campaign Early / Short Puts FB

#optionsexpiration #spxcampaign
$SPX 7/25 2725/2750 BUPS

$SPX BTC 8/3 2885/2860 BECS at 4.15 STO on 7/24 at 1.85. With GDP expected tomorrow at 4% I decided to close.

$FB STO 8/17 160/170 BUPS at 2.45 Thank you @ramie77
$FB STO 8/17 155/165 BUPS at 1.70

Taking it easy

Only trades today were GTC orders to close $BIIB July 27th 300/415 #Earnings strangle. Closed each side for .20; sold on Monday for 2.40.

Other than that, looks like I’ll be long more $FB stock tonight or over the weekend (a couple 197.5 puts and one 200 put).

I’m planning to execute few if any trades until August 9th. We are staying with my wife’s parents in Yokohama until then, and we’ll be touring the country and climbing Mt Fuji. On the 9th, we check in to a Tokyo AirBnB for another two weeks, and then I’ll start transitioning back into the job. We return to Portland on August 23rd.

Glad to have all your posts to read when I wake up! Let’s me know what’s happening out there.


BTO GOOGL 10 AUG 18 1245/1250 BuCS @3.95 GTC order @4.70. Now have Aug 3 and Aug 10 positions. #supercharger

STO MU 3 AUG 18 52 PUT @.60. #pietrade

#fallingknife #closing #shortputs ALK Some…

#fallingknife #closing #shortputs ALK

Some airline stocks are skying today, including Alaska air up almost 10%, Tuesday I sold a January 50 put for 1.45, bought today for .80. Thanks @Iceman

#fallingknife MHK has decent premium…

MHK has decent premium in Jan 140 @ 2.40
Any takers?


#Earnings – OK…after this TWTR should be trading about 15 dollars tonight. 🙂

Sold 38.5/42.5/46.5 Iron Flies @ 3.27

Risking 73 to make 327 needing just slightly less than the expected move…

SPY Hedge

#Hedge – With the hedge subject being discussed here’s what I did based on last nights Theo Trade free update video. Playing SPY both ways for minimal cost but still very nice protection. He says max risk is what you paid for the position but it looks like there are small pockets of slightly greater risk if held all the way to expiration. I’m not 100 percent sure I’ve got the risk graph configured properly. I also moved the strikes up a little from the video.

Risk Twist