I am out of all my bullish trades on this ETF. I picked up nice premiums and rolled for better strikes as well. Nice to be in cash right now. About 63% cash and still have a bearish trade on the TQQQ which I am under water on. I think it will be okay as I only need .25 cents per week and the expiration is in January 2019. There are a lot of good traders here and thank all of you for great ideas as well. Now if we could get the TQQQ down to the $40 level I can get back in.
Also, thanks to these trades I have made back 50% of my loss on the SVXY so far.

@fibwizard What is your take…

What is your take on the market today? I’d love to know what you see on the NDX and SPX charts.

Adding a WDC position

Sold $WDC Jan 18 2019 55 puts @ 1.30.
I’m now short this ladder:
Oct 60 puts
Jan 60 puts
Jan 55 puts

Rolling up BIIB

Wanted to write some puts on this but I’m being a lot more disciplined these days about position size. So I’m just rolling up to a higher strike (13 delta) for a 4.00 credit instead of adding risk.
Bought to close $BIIB Jan 18 2019 220 puts @ 1.20. Sold for 3.70 on 6/18.
Sold to open $BIIB Jan 18 2019 270 puts @ 5.20.

IWM QQQ XLY risk twist

Opened some of DK’s famous risk twist trades. Typically, you put these on when the market is soaring in preparation for a downturn. In my case, I’m adding to the short side based on the downturn already in progress. Maybe too late.:-)
BTO IWM Bfly Sep21 164p/-156p/154p @ 1.61
BTO QQQ bfly Sep21 175/167/165 PUT @1.85
BTO XLY bfly Sep21 109/104/103 PUT @.85

WYNN pre-earnings

Sold WYNN Pre-ER Aug3 167.5c @ 2.70 for 4% loss. Bot @ 2.80.
Sold early due to market weakness. Loss is minimal at this point so want to keep it that way. This is the last round of WYNN for me this quarter. Previous rounds 93%, 20%, 10%, and -2%.

Closing PM

Bought to close $PM Sep 21 75 puts @ .28. Sold for 1.70 on 4/19.