Another warning

#VIXindicator I began to doubt it would show its stuff on day one, but the Downside Warning came through today, and a second warning fired at the close.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Aug 2nd 2870/2890-3010/3030 condors for .95, IV: 18.99%, SPX 2958.

DRIP adding to Dec

Sold $DRIP 12/20 130 call @ 13.00. New highest strike.

VXX puts

Bought $VXX 8/16 26/22 bear put spread @ 1.91. Will look to take this off for near 3.00, hopefully soon if volatility retreats.


#ShortPuts – First sale in what I’m hoping will be a long term position. Been holding well over half my cash to start easing into this one. First sale down near the 200ma. VTI is probably a slightly better return but I prefer the liquidity. Now just need a chance to add a few more times.

Sold SPY SEP 20 2019 280.0 Put @ 2.96

7.8% annulaized if held to expiration…


#BearCallSpreads – Sold UVXY SEP 20 2019 45.0/55.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .83


STO August 2, 2800/2840 put spread at .60 cents.


#Earnings #ShortPuts – Earnings tomorrow but I’m going out to Sep for safety. Divvy yield of 6.42% at a basis of 39.20. Trade itself makes 14.9% annualized if held to expiration.

Sold STX SEP 20 2019 40.0 Puts @ .80


bto aug 9/25 call @ .08
looking to btc for .75
when /cl move back to $58.00 ish

SQ Earnings

#Earnings #JadeLizards – With the little pullback and spike in volatility taking a shot at tomorrow.

Sold SQ AUG 2 2019 76.0/83.0/84.0 Jade Lizards @ 1.31