Bought to close BYND 08/02/2019 225.00 Calls @ 0.05. Sold one of these @ 10.80 before earnings and 3 more @ 1.60 after earnings.
To replace these I sold 1 BYND 08/09/2019 197.50 Call @ 1.30 and
1 BYND Diagonal Call Spread Short BYND 08/09/2019 195.00 C / Long BYND 09/20/2019 270.00 C
@ 1.45 Credit


New NUGT Diagonal Call Spread
Sold to open NUGT 08/02/2019 32.50 Calls / Bought NUGT 09/20/2019 50.00 Calls @ 0.20 Credit.

I expected a small recovery after the Fed news but did not expect NUGT to totally reverse yesterday’s red candle.
I will probably have to roll the short up tomorrow.

FB Rollup

Bought to close FB 08/02/2019 190.00 Calls / Sold FB 08/09/2019 192.50 Calls @ 0.10 Credit + 2.50 better strike.

Waiting might have been better but I’m not willing to chance a reversal back up toward 195.


New UVXY Diagonal Call Spread
Sold to open UVXY 08/09/2019 37.50 Calls / Bought UVXY 09/20/2019 80.00 Calls @ 0.33 Credit. Today’s high on UVXY was 31.42.

The bid/ask spreads are huge on both sides so a spread order is the only way to go.


So … on 07/02 I bought a 5 lot of UVXY 08/16/2019 65.00 Calls @ 0.12 to act as the long side of a spread that has long since expired.
Today in a most improbable trade, I closed out all my long 65 calls for a gain @ 0.23 despite the stock being lower.
I was the lucky beneficiary of a wide bid/ask spread and a big VIX move today.

Another warning

#VIXindicator I began to doubt it would show its stuff on day one, but the Downside Warning came through today, and a second warning fired at the close.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Aug 2nd 2870/2890-3010/3030 condors for .95, IV: 18.99%, SPX 2958.