#earnings #jadelizard FIVE Sold Sept….

#earnings #jadelizard FIVE

Sold Sept. 20, 105/120/121 for 2.20


Could be coming in a bit. Maybe it will bleed some more option premium out before the 3 day weekend. Of course you have to allow for 3 days of tweets so you never know. The front end of the curve (http://vixcentral.com/) is surprisingly back in contango although the rest of the curve is still a mess. Watching closely, obviously 🙂

Shopify call spread

$SHOP looking like it’s peaked at least in the short term after a nice runup. Printing a red candle today. Sold 9/20 420/430 bear call spread @ 2.36 with the stock around 392.

#earnings #closing TIF ADSK bought…

#earnings #closing TIF ADSK

bought ADSK, Sept. 20, 125/175 strangle for 1.00, sold yesterday for 2.44
bought TIF, Sept. 20, 75/84/85 #jadelizard .95, sold yesterday for 1.57.
SPLK still refusing to cooperate from earnings the other day grrr
As always, thanks to Jeff for the data that guides the trade decisions.

SPX 5-dte

#SPX1dte. Sold $SPX 2760/2785-2950/2975 condors for 3.00, IV: 16.78%, SPX 2884

UVXY call spread

Sold 10/18 45/55 bear call spreads @ 1.27

ANF long strangle

#earnings. Bought to open $ANF Aug 30th 16.5/17 long strangles for 2.50.