Downside Warning in effect

#VIXIndicator Although we recovered from the huge intraday drop, the VIX spiked again at the close and fired a Downside Warning. Expect more volatility and a market drop in the coming days.

Don’t panic

#SPX1dte I’m grateful that being at this for 8 years prevents me from panicking. These spreads had me in the hole many thousands of dollars at the lows.

I closed Friday’s put spread as the stop was most definitely breached today… heck, the short strike was breached.
BTC $SPX Aug 2nd 2960/2935 for 4.85. Condors sold for 2.60 on Monday.

Expiring: July 31st 2945/2965-3050/3070 condors, sold yesterday for 1.20.
Expiring: July 31st 2910/2935-3055/3080 condors, sold for 3.00 last Wednesday.

This leaves me flat on SPX tonight.

#earnings SHOP

Following Jeff and Fuzzball (who better to follow), sold Aug. 16, 270/300/330/332.50 Big Lizard/Iron Condor for 6.05. Thanks guys

#earnings #closing ADP

Bought Sept. 20, 150/180 strangle for 1.06, sold yesterday for 1.66. Thank you for the info Jeff.


Sold TSLA 08/02/2019 252.50 Calls @ 1.07 against existing longs from previous diagonal spreads.

#earnings QCOM

Sold Sept. 20, 65/85 strangle for 1.46, thanks for the data Jeff.

Upside Warning canceled

More likely to come

#spx look out below!

#spx look out below!


STO August 5, 2850/2900 put spread at .50 cents. I was too early.

STO August 7, 2850/2900 put spread at 1.10


OSTK STO 8/9/19 23.5 CALLS @1.30
AMD STO 8/2/19 31.0 ITM PUTS .50
AMD STO 8/9/19 31.5 CALLS @.75