CMG Rollups

Bought to close CMG 07/26/2019 810.00 Calls @ 0.05. Sold these last Friday @ 4.20.
Sold CMG 08/02/2019 802.50 Calls @ 1.30 for next Friday.

Also Bought to close CMG 07/26/2019 760.00 Calls / Sold CMG 08/02/2019 762.50 Calls @ 0.30 Credit + 2.50 better strike.


Bought to close TSLA 07/26/2019 230.00 Calls @ 0.01. Sold these on a rollout last week @ 29.98.
Sold TSLA 08/02/2019 247.50 Calls @ 0.47 but only 1/2 the number of contracts.

I still have several fully paid for longs to write against next week.


My July 26, 2905/2930 put spread will expire today. Thanks Jeff for the idea.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Volatility is low in this rally, so again going 10-wide, double-size. I wanted to sell earlier but felt it could go another leg higher, and it did.

Sold $SPX July 29th 2985/2995-3050/3060 condors for .40. IV 5.63%, SPX 3026.

Expiring by the skin of my teeth: July 26th 2960/2970-3030/3040, sold for .45 yesterday.

SWK roll

#Earnings #Rolling My earnings condor is a bust, with the 148/150 call side set to expire ITM, which will be a 2.00 debit, against the .80- credit for selling it on Tuesday. So I’m trying a one-week move to breakeven.

Sold $SWK Aug 2 148/150-152.5/155 condors for 1.30. If we can hold tight enough to expire I should come out flat after accounting for commissions.


STO January 2021, 200 puts @ 4.80

Econ Calendar for week of 7/29/19

#Fed Announcement on Wednesday
#Jobs Report on Friday

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 10.35.10 AM
Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 10.35.10 AM

Link to Calendar: