SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX 2960/2970-3030/3040 condors for .45… 10-wide, double size position. IV 9.05%, SPX 3006


BTO August 16, 30 calls at 4.50 because I like the chart on gold. I think GLD goes higher.

#earnings SBUX

Sold Aug. 16, 85/96 strangle for 1.28
Sold Sept. 20, 85/97.50 for 2.08.
I only wanted one of them and have been waiting awhile, both went at the same time.


STO August 2, 2850/2900 bull put spread at 1.40 but I think you can do better than that now.


#ShortPuts – Not my smartest trade with this thing so extended and sitting near a quadruple top. Maybe this’ll stir things up a little. Selling just above the 50ma…

Sold SOXL AUG 16 2019 150.0 Put @ 2.30

FYI ALGN is down 27%

ALGN is down 27%
TREE is down 17%

Anyone selling puts on BA?

Anyone selling puts on BA?