SPX 9-dte closed

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX July 5th 3000/3025 call spreads for .90. Sold condor for 3.90 last Wednesday. I’ll let the puts expire.

Also, expiring today: July 1st 2825/2845-3000/3025 condors, sold Friday for 1.35.


I spent a few days at Disneyworld last week, the guest of a conventioneer.The happiest place on earth has turned into the most expensive place on earth. Customer service, organization and convenience, all are amazing. They may have the most expensive beer in the country too.

T closed

#PieTrades Bought to close $T July 19th 32 puts for .10. Sold for 1.48 on April 9th. Will sell again on next move down.

A TRADE: Still in love,…

A TRADE: Still in love, just trading around it.


#earnings #closing AVGO

March 14, sold an April 18, 240/300 strangle, AVGO went way up, I went inverted and was assigned at 320, then AVGO went way down. There was good premium in selling calls and I had the cost basis down to 295. I closed the position today as AVGO was up 16 points. I was fortunate to make almost $400 on this, have some cash back in the account, plus receiving a nice dividend tomorrow. Phew.


STO $WORK 7/19/2019 40 Calls @.8 against stock bought at 40.31. $WORK currently @37.00 #diggingout


BTC $NVDA 7/19/2019 130/140 #BuPS @.10. Was STO 6/18 @1.55.