AMZN BUCS / SPX Camapign Closed / HIIQ Calls Rolled Out / TNDM PLAY Puts Closed

$AMZN BTO 7/26 2000/2010 BUCS at 5.15. Earnings 7/25. Plan to be out before then.

$SPX BTC 7/12 2970/2945 BUPS at .80. STO at 5.10 7/5. Thank you @jeffcp66

#HIIQ BTC 7/19 30 Calls AND STO 8/16 30 call at .60 credit. Earnings 8/7.

$TNDM BTC 7/19 70 puts at 2.75. STO on 6/18 for 8.00. Stock at 67.11.
$PLAY BTC 7/19 40 puts at .40. STO on 6/28 for .85. Still have a few 7/19 40 puts left that were STO at 2.30. Not sure why I did not close at same time. Duh?

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Isn’t enough premium in calls, so I only sold a put spread for tomorrow, and couldn’t get filled until after the bell, as it just kept moving higher after I sold the July 24th spread.

Sold $SPX July 12th 2980/2960 put spreads for .70. IV 7.98%, SPX close at 2999.

CMG Rollup

Bought to close CMG 07/12/2019 727.50 Calls / Sold CMG 07/19/2019 732.50 Calls @ 0.40 Credit + 5.00 better strike. This one is pre-earnings.
CMG has confirmed that earnings will be announced 07/23/2019. With 31 analysts covering CMG, the consensus EPS estimate is $3.76, and the high and low estimates are $4.48 and $3.19, respectively.
Expected Timing: After close


Rolled $WORK Jul 2019 40 calls (Covered) for Aug 2019 40 calls @+.40.
Takes my basis down to 39.11 with the stock at 34.96.

#rolling day ARLO, GDX, DDD

ARLO rolled 4 straddle to Aug. for 69, received ARLO in a spinoff
GDX rolled uly 18 calls to August for.02, underwater on this, will sell puts to make a strangle
DDD rolled 9 call to Aug for .52, will be even in DDD if my unborn and unconceived grandchildren continue rolling.

#callbutterfly SPX

Sold Aug. 16, 3065/3075/3075/3090 for .95

SPX 13-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX July 24th 2990/2965 put spreads for 7.60. ATM aggressive spread to take advantage of the Upside Warning. Probably will close this with 50% of max. I honestly meant to sell NEXT Wednesday’s (17th), but mixed up the weeks. I’d rather an ATM spread have a shorter life.

Missed my chances to close my LONG July 12th 3025/3035 call spreads; yesterday’s highs would have been about breakeven (bought for 1.80). Still holding the 3025/3040 longs for July 19th, as well as two short puts spreads that are doing well.