$LABU BTC 7/5 50 call and STO 7/19 52 call at additional .90 plus $2 is called away.

Risk too big

#SPX1dte Since the day ended with a spike higher, and the we have the first $VIX close below the 78.6 Fib line, we could see a “quiet” low volume rally tomorrow, and my double-sized condor is not worth the risk, being only 17 points away from today’s close.

Closed $SPX July 3rd 2990/3010 call spreads for .65. Condors sold for .45 an hour ago. I’ll keep the downside put risk on.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Jul 3rd 2910/2930-2990/3010 condors for .45. I meant to go for 10-wide, double size, but mistakenly went my normal 20-size, double size. So double the risk than usual, but looking for a quiet holiday anyway.

Closing HQY

And taking a loss. Should have paid better attention to the downward trending moving averages (you were right @jsd501 !)
Sold 8/16 65/70 bull call spread @ 1.25. Bought for 2.18 on 6/28.

#butterfly #shortstrangles TSLA GDXJ

TSLA From a TastyTrade discussion, sold Aug. 2, +160/-170/-170/+175 put butterfly for .27
GDXJ sold Aug. 16, 31/38 strangle for 1.00

CMG early rollup

Bought to close CMG 07/05/2019 717.50 Calls / Sold CMG 07/12/2019 727.50 Calls @ 0.30 Credit + 10 point higher strike.
I pushed the short out only 1 week but got the strike price from in the money to out of the money.
And my spread requirements drop by $1000 for each spread.

Closing some VXX

Taking profits on long put spreads.
Sold $VXX 7/12 28/24 bear put spread @ 3.05. Bought for 2.00 on 6/25.
Sold $VXX 7/19 28/24 bear put spread @ 3.06. Bought for 1.94 on 6/14.