#ShortPuts – Replacing stock getting called away. Selling prior to earnings…

Sold WYNN JUL 26 2019 126.0 Put @ 2.10


Anybody still members over there? Prices go up tonight. Took a 30 day free trial just to see what’s been going on. Doubt if I re-join but wanted to lock in the lower price just in case…

TRADES: Sold 1/2 of my…

TRADES: Sold 1/2 of my positions. Will buy back though. These are longer term holds. A month is my long term. ;>)


SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX July 8th 2935/2955-3010/3025 condors for .95. IV: 6.06%, SPX 2988.


TLRY STO 7/12/19 45.5 PUTS @1.21
TLRY STO 7/12/19 47.5 CALLS @1.16 COVERED
TLRY STO 7/12/19 47.0 PUTS @1.97 A rollout.

Closing HIIQ

With the stock recovering a bit and now hanging around the short put strike I decided to close this trade for about 45% of the max profit. Bought to close $HIIQ 7/19 jade lizard (short 26 puts + 34/37 bear call spread) @ 1.77. Sold for 3.20 on 6/7.


#CoveredCalls – Still squeezing. Against my better judgement I’m selling one more round prior to earnings and hopefully before a big breakout.

Bought to Close REGN JUL 05 2019 320.0 Call @.05 (sold for 2.33)

Sold REGN JUL 26 2019 325.0 Call @ 3.20


#CoveredCalls – Using the weakness to get a couple rolls in…

TNA: Finally back in the green on this one after selling covered calls in the hole and getting caught in the Dec/May mega rally

Rolled TNA JUL 05 2019 60.o Call to JUL 19 2019 61.5 Call @ .35 credit

WYNN: Rolling one and probably letting the rest get called away this week. Took stock at 135 a few months ago and worked back to a small profit. Looking for a re-entry sale for week prior to earnings.

Rolled WYNN JUL 12 2019 118.0 Call to AUG 09 2019 121.0 Call @ .19 debit

June Jobs Report

#Jobs — big reversal from May’s disappointment

+224,000 non-farm payroll jobs, vs. 165K expected
Unemployment at 3.7%, up 0.1
U6 unemployment at 7.2%, up by 0.1
Wages up 0.2%, 3.1% year over year
Labor force participation 62.9%, up 0.1

May revised down from 75K to 72K
April revised down from 224K to 216K