CMG early rollup into earning next week

Bought to close CMG 07/19/2019 727.50 Calls / Sold CMG 07/26/2019 760.00 Calls @ 1.50 Credit + a huge 32.50 Higher strike.
I was afraid to wait much longer as the options for this week were so far in the money. But the one’s for next week might be far enough out of the money after today’s drop in the stock.


New Diagonal Bear Call Spread
Sold UVXY 07/19/2019 27.50 Calls @ 0.47 while buying UVXY 08/16/2019 55.00 Calls @ 0.24.
This spread trade filled after hours at 0.23 Credit.
The short is eminently rollable.

/ES Swing Trade


Short ES at 2990…at 2:50pm CST
Exit at 7:30pm….
Profit of +13 points on the ES

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Expiring: $SPX 2965/2975-3025/3035 condors, double-sized position sold yesterday for .45.

I skipped monthly expiration 1-dte due to low premium, the volatility spike, and Friday morning settlement.

#earnings NFLX

\Sold August 16, 295/315/420/440 for 3.09, beyond the 1 day max moves. Thanks Jeff


No negative effect on the stock as it continues it’s recovery
Tesla Claims Secret Project Has Fallen Into Chinese Rival’s Hands


BTO August 2, 60/70 bull call spread @ 6.98