ADBE Closed / SPX Campaign

$ADBE BTC 7/26 280/290 BUPS for .15. STO at 1.46. Thank you @lesserweavil

$SPX BTC 7/19 2935/2960 BUPS at .30. STO at 5.50. Thank you @jeffcp66

#earnings MSFT

Sold 125/145 strangle for 1.40. Have sold essentially the same 20 point wide strangle the last 2 earnings.

CSX some stock sold

#Earnings #Assignment Sold some of my CSX stock at 71.50. That amounts to a .16 profit on a losing trade. Will hold the rest for further recovery.


BTC $SPX 2955/2965 #BuPS 7/19/2019 AM @.10. Was STO just before close yesterday @1.0.

Almost makes me even for the day against the $NFLX loss noted earlier. (I’m sure my broker isn’t complaining about the commissions they’ve banked)


#BearCallSpreads – Joining the NUGT fun on the bigly rally. Using spreads out to 2020. Starter position with room to add.

Sold NUGT JAN 17 2020 45.0/50.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .98

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to open $SPX Jul 19th 2940/2960-3015/3035 condors for .85.

The short put is the same one I just closed earlier, on the longer term spread. Oh, well.

ISRG Earnings

#Earnings – Wow. Should’ve just skipped the call side of the lizard and closed the short put prior to earnings. Got some downside room now…LOL Somebody leak some info already?