The positions I didn’t have to roll:
BYND 08/09/2019 195.00, 197.50, 200.00 Calls
BYND 08/09/2019 157.50, 152.50 Puts
TSLA 08/09/2019 245.00 Calls
UVXY 08/09/2019 35.00, 37.50, 40.00, 42.50 Calls
UVXY 08/09/2019 30.00 Puts


Bought to close UVXY 08/09/2019 33.50 Calls @ 0.01. Sold last Friday on a rollup @ 1.74.
Replaced this short with UVXY 08/16/2019 45.00 Calls @ 0.29.
The stock is now spiking higher in the last 5 minutes of the market but only reached 32.40 so far ….

YELP closed

#Earnings Sold to close $YELP 34.5 calls for 3.00 average price. Got a couple sold for a small profit this morning, but made the mistake of waiting for it to go higher and it collapsed instead. These are usually winners, but pretty tough to manage. I think I need to try trailing stops.

#LongStrangles bought yesterday for 4.23. This loss and the UBER win cancel each other out.


STO $AMD Sept 20 2019 34 puts @2.23. Was ATM when sold. Cash Secured. Willing to own the stock.
Expiring $SPX 2850/2865//2965/2980 #IC. Was STO @1.05 yesterday following Jeff.

Have rolled pretty much everything else out and or up this week. Sorry haven’t posted all of the trades. Finding that some have turned out to be unneeded, as things generally recovered. I need to be more patient.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Aug 12th 2840/2860-2970/2990 condors for 1.10. IV: 11.71%, SPX 2929

Expiring today: Aug 9th 2840/2860-2960/2980 condors, sold yesterday for 1.35

UBER strangles

#Earnings #PerpetualRollingStrangles
Since today’s 39.5/45.5 earnings strangle look to be expiring worthless, I’m resuming what worked for me for a couple months after my earnings losing trade in May:

Sold $UBER Aug 30th 37/43.5 strangles for 1.08


OSTK STO 8/16/19 22.5 PUTS @.65