#earnings WMT #jadelizard Sold a…

#earnings WMT
#jadelizard Sold a jade lizard with protection, Sept. 13, 95/102/108/109 for 1.63.

SPX 7-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Aug 21st 2725/2700 put spreads for 2.70. I’m delaying the call side until we get a bounce.

TLT call spread

Sold $TLT 9/20 147/152 bear call spread @ 1.30. IV rank 99.

#fallingknife #shortputs M Sold Sept….

#fallingknife #shortputs M

Sold Sept. 20, 17 put for 1.08. Macy’s is down 2.25, about 11% after earnings.

NVDA earnings (sort of)

#JadeLizards – Playing this like an #Earnings trade but going out further for more safety. No upside risk and would get the stock at a 129 basis if it implodes…

Sold NVDA SEP 20 2019 135.0/150.0/155.0 Jade Lizard @ 6.00


SQ 8/23 5 puts closed…

SQ 8/23 65 puts closed for 3.95 or 2.72 loss per contract. I was going to convert to a #jadelizard but do not have time and also took the loss to avoid margin issues so I can stay in my other trades.

First losing trade on SQ this year.

Lots of other trades/puts are ITM but they still have good theta decay so will adjust those tomorrow.

Had a few extra minutes for lunch so:
LNG 67.5/67.5 #fuzzy rolled down to 60 for 1.55 debit and cb of 9.30.
EOG 87.5/87.5 #fuzzy expiring this week rolled down to 75/75 for next week for 3.16 debit. Cb now 18.34


Anyone know where this is down to today?

#earnings BABA Trying again, sold…

#earnings BABA

Trying again, sold Sept. 20, 140/180 strangle for 3.67 with stock at 160.


#ContangoETFs Sold to Open $DRIP Sep 20th 175 calls for 6.70. This should help ease the burden of carrying short 115 calls ITM.


STO September 20, 80 puts at 2.50 with stock trading at 86.50, after seeing the CEO on Jim Cramer last night.Small spec play for me on a cancer treatment.