#earnings WMT #jadelizard Sold a…

#earnings WMT
#jadelizard Sold a jade lizard with protection, Sept. 13, 95/102/108/109 for 1.63.

SPX 7-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Aug 21st 2725/2700 put spreads for 2.70. I’m delaying the call side until we get a bounce.

TLT call spread

Sold $TLT 9/20 147/152 bear call spread @ 1.30. IV rank 99.

#fallingknife #shortputs M Sold Sept….

#fallingknife #shortputs M

Sold Sept. 20, 17 put for 1.08. Macy’s is down 2.25, about 11% after earnings.

NVDA earnings (sort of)

#JadeLizards – Playing this like an #Earnings trade but going out further for more safety. No upside risk and would get the stock at a 129 basis if it implodes…

Sold NVDA SEP 20 2019 135.0/150.0/155.0 Jade Lizard @ 6.00


SQ 8/23 5 puts closed…

SQ 8/23 65 puts closed for 3.95 or 2.72 loss per contract. I was going to convert to a #jadelizard but do not have time and also took the loss to avoid margin issues so I can stay in my other trades.

First losing trade on SQ this year.

Lots of other trades/puts are ITM but they still have good theta decay so will adjust those tomorrow.

Had a few extra minutes for lunch so:
LNG 67.5/67.5 #fuzzy rolled down to 60 for 1.55 debit and cb of 9.30.
EOG 87.5/87.5 #fuzzy expiring this week rolled down to 75/75 for next week for 3.16 debit. Cb now 18.34


Anyone know where this is down to today?