Highest VIX

#VIXindicator Today was the highest $VIX since January 3rd, when VIX was dropping from its Christmas Eve highs.

$VXX and $UVXY were higher in May, as they suffer from Contango.

Over on SMM

Someone posted that Trump has accepted an invitation to visit China for what that is worth.

#closing #shortstock DISH IP HIG…

#closing #shortstock DISH IP HIG #longcallspread SPX
I was able to close these 3 for small gains as earlier this year I was selling short stock at one of the worst times in history.
SPZ #tastytradefollow bought Sept 20, 2825/2840 for 9.50, playing for a bounce.

SPX put spread

#SPX1dte Didn’t get any bounce to sell call spreads, so tried a put spread.

Sold $SPX Aug 7th 2725/2700 put spreads for 1.80. Hopefully I can close this tomorrow.

Two more Warnings fired today, but I gotta think at least a small relief rally will happen tomorrow. This is a pretty brutal day. #VIXindicator


#ShortPuts – Adding here. Almost caught the high of the day on this one…

Sold SPY OCT 18 2019 270 Put @ 5.50


I sold a small amount of the 170 puts at 3.17 in my IRA. I would be taking the stock at the 200 day MA if assigned.

REGN Earnings

#CoveredCalls – Rolling covered call down fairly aggressively to slightly inside the expected move. Seems like all news will be bad news for awhile no matter what they report.

Rolled REGN AUG 09 2019 325.0 Call to AUG 09 2019 312.5 Call @ 2.65 credit (4.95 total now)