New UVXY Diagonal Call Spreads
Sold to open UVXY 08/09/2019 40.00 Calls / Bought UVXY 09/20/2019 75.00 Calls @ 0.23 Credit in the morning.
Sold to open UVXY 08/09/2019 42.50 Calls / Bought UVXY 09/20/2019 80.00 Calls @ 0.23 Credit in the afternoon.


New Diagonal Call Spread
Sold to open NUGT 08/09/2019 36.00 Calls / Bought NUGT 09/20/2019 50.00 Calls @ 0.23 Credit

Highest VIX

#VIXindicator Today was the highest $VIX since January 3rd, when VIX was dropping from its Christmas Eve highs.

$VXX and $UVXY were higher in May, as they suffer from Contango.

Over on SMM

Someone posted that Trump has accepted an invitation to visit China for what that is worth.

#closing #shortstock DISH IP HIG…

#closing #shortstock DISH IP HIG #longcallspread SPX
I was able to close these 3 for small gains as earlier this year I was selling short stock at one of the worst times in history.
SPZ #tastytradefollow bought Sept 20, 2825/2840 for 9.50, playing for a bounce.

SPX put spread

#SPX1dte Didn’t get any bounce to sell call spreads, so tried a put spread.

Sold $SPX Aug 7th 2725/2700 put spreads for 1.80. Hopefully I can close this tomorrow.

Two more Warnings fired today, but I gotta think at least a small relief rally will happen tomorrow. This is a pretty brutal day. #VIXindicator


#ShortPuts – Adding here. Almost caught the high of the day on this one…

Sold SPY OCT 18 2019 270 Put @ 5.50