Econ Calendar for week of 8/19/19

#Fed minutes Wednesday, Jerome Powell speaks Friday

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 12.25.05 PM
Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 12.25.05 PM

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#earnings #closing AAPL July 30,…

#earnings #closing AAPL

July 30, sold Sept. 20, 190/225 strangle for 3.64, bought today for 3.10.

TLRY burned out

#Earnings Looked like it might light up on Wednesday, but this is dropping like a stoned.

$TLRY 40.5/44.5/48.5 #IronButterfly, sold for 2.94 on Tuesday, expiring ITM for 4.00 debit, 1.06 loss.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Aug 19th 2795/2815-2930/2950 condors for 1.15.

Expiring today: Had to watch this all day but looks like I’ll escape with nary a scratch:
Aug 16th 2750/2770-2900/2920 condors, sold yesterday for 1.15

Also closed: Aug 21st 2725/2700 put spreads for .25, sold Wednesday for 2.70.

Getting crushed on a 2900/2925 call spread for Aug 21st… holding for the weekend as I think we still have some more correcting to do.


#JadeLizards – Still playing with a non-earnings Jade Lizard. Was hoping for a 500 pin today but not looking likely. Rolling the whole thing out a week (put side 5 points lower).

Rolled AUG 16 2019 500.0/500.0/505.0 Jade Lizard to AUG 23 495.0/500.0/5o5.0 @ 4.25 credit (11.95 total now)


#CoveredCalls – Played earnings to the downside but got a bounce instead. Rolling a couple weeks…

Rolled NVDA AUG 16 2019 150.0 Call to SEP 06 2019 152.5 Call @ .75 credit (8.00 total now)

FB Rollup

Bought to close FB 08/16/2019 180.00 Calls / Sold FB 08/23/2019 182.50 Calls @ 0.06 Credit + 2.50 better strike.