OKTA Covered Call

$OKTA STO 12/27/ 120 call at .75

NUGT Put Rolled

$NUGT BTC 12/27 34 put and STO 1/3/2020 33.50 put for .33 debit. Stock at 29.78. Gained .50 if put to me.
Trying to stay away from the putter or is that the pooter. I don’t know. 😉



$SPX STO 12/24 3190/3210 BUPS at .50.


#CoveredCalls – Rolling out to the week before earnings while waiting for a pullback. Hoping for a good roll into earnings on some weakness.

Rolled REGN DEC 27 2019 310.0 Call to JAN 31 2020 312.5 Call @ 1.00 debit


#ShortCalls – No sense waiting around for Little Rocket Man to do something stupid…

Bought to Close UVXY DEC 27 2019 16.5 Calls @ .03 (sold for .61)

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Dec 24th 3200/3210-3245/3255 condors for .45, 10-wide, double sized. Last year’s Xmas Eve plunge notwithstanding, I’m betting against any big moves tomorrow.

Dec 23rd 3185/3195-3245/3255 condors, sold Friday for .40
Dec 23rd 3160/3135 put spreads, sold last Tuesday for 2.00


BTC December 2020, 250 puts at 9.50, sold at 13.00, decided to take a quick profit and look at things next year. If they decide to kill the MAX, it could get real ugly.