It looks like the stock will be down again tomorrow so since there are only 2 companies that make airplanes, I will take a chance that BA will be in business, even though they may have to give up on the Max.

So I am looking at the December 2020 puts which is a year away. Fidelity will only require a margin of $3,520 per contract and as of tonight you could sell the 250 puts for 11.95 or better tomorrow. I calculate that as a 36.5% return on margin for the year.

I saw Santa kissing 3200

#VIXIndicator An Upside Warning will go into effect Tuesday with a VIX close at 12.82 or lower.

#closing #shortputspread HD Dec. 4…

#closing #shortputspread HD

Dec. 4 sold a post earnings, Jan. 17, 195/205 put spread for 1.44, bought today for .55.

SPX closed

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX Dec 16th 3200 calls for .20. Condors sold for .80 on Friday.


STC $TSLA 365 Dec 27 #longcalls. Trailing stop triggered @20.05. Overall gain 1.25. Not as good as I could have done, but better than what I was going to do from the original Call spread which went deep ITM and started the day as a loser.



#CoveredCalls #ShortPuts – Not finding much to do this week. I’ll probably let my REGN stock get called away next week slightly under my basis. Switching over to a few put sales for repair. Similar to TNA, LABU, and WYNN positions recently repaired.

Sold REGN JAN 10 2020 355.0 Put @ 2.75

NEWT Put Closed

$NEWT BTC 12/20 22.5 put at .15. STO at .91 on 11/11.


$AMZN BTC 12/20 1700/1750 BUPS at $6.00. STO 11/4 at 10.70. Stock now at $1766 but I am removing risk.
Try not to be a piggy. Believe me it hurts when slaughtered.


BTC $LULU 12/20 200/215 #BuPS @0.1. Started Dec 11 as a 205/215 @1.75, widened Dec 11 to 200/215 +0.26.

This was my last Lulu position for now.


A small trade.

BTO January 17, 30/20 bear put spread at 2.46 and STO the 35 calls at 1.39,I think this is a bad IPO.

Going back into ROKU

Nice bounce in $ROKU today. Sold 1/17 120/110 bull put spread @ 1.85. IVR 35. Short puts at 21 delta.

#earnings #closing ANET Oct. 31…

#earnings #closing ANET

Oct. 31 sold a Dec. 20, 190/200/290/300 #ironcondor for 1.88. ANET went way down to 173.
Today it finally broke 200 as I was getting ready to roll. I closed the put spread for 2.07, the call spread will expire on Friday (it will). I’ll take the small loss as a victory.


$COST BTC 12/20/275/285 BUPS at .10. STO 10/28 at 2.10

This good trade will be more than offset by 12/20 290/300 BUPS and 12/20 295/305 BUCS. That’s what I get for believing in Santa Claus.

#earnings #rolling STT October 17,…

#earnings #rolling STT

October 17, sold a Nov. 55/65 strangle, Nov. 7 rolled to Dec. 20, today rolled to a Jan. inverted strangle.
I don’t even want to look at TSLA.


BTC January 17, 29 puts at 1.50, STO at 2.60

#shortputs #closing BOOT Nov. 26…

#shortputs #closing BOOT

Nov. 26 sold Jan. 17 35 put for .95, bought today for .35.

Thanks #JSD501


BTC $TSLA Dec 27 355 Calls @20. Holding Dec 27 365 Calls long.

This started as a 352.5/362.5 Dec 13 @.7. Rolled to 355/365 Dec 27 @.5.


BTC $AVGO Dec 20 290/300 #BuPS @0.10. Was STO Friday @1.05.