$LK 30.5 put
$SPX 3195/3215/3250/3270 IC Thank you @jeffcp66 I was fortunate to be at home all day watching.


#ShortPuts – Not much left here. Hoping for better opportunities next week.

Bought to Close EWZ JAN 10 2020 43.0 Puts @ .08 (sold for .46)


STO February 21, 100 puts at 3.20

STNE Calls Rolled

$STNE BTC 12/27 38.50 call and STO 1/3/2020 39.50 call at added .10 credit and added $1 if called away next week. Stock at 38.79.


#ShortPuts – Starter position just to get something going…

Sold LABU JAN 17 2020 50.0 Put @ 1.45

Econ Calendar for week of 12/30/19

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.09.59 PM
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.09.59 PM

Link to calendar: https://research.investors.com/economic-calendar/

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Stopped at the car charger in Rawlins, WY, to place the trade:

Sold $SPX Dec 30th 3195/3215-3250/3270 condors for .85. IV: 5.64%, SPX 3234.

Man, my exit this morning really sucked. Had to hit the road early so I couldn’t wait, but I’ve so many times seen futures up before the open, and then just sail higher after the bell. Happened exactly the opposite way today, so I got shafted. Fortunately, it wiped out only a couple of trades from a pretty good string these last few weeks.

LK Puts Sold / LK Covered Call

$LK STO 1/10 35 puts at 1.35. Replacing the 12/27 30.5 puts that will expire today.

$LK STO 1/3 39.50 calls at .85

#rolling TSLA Have I said…

#rolling TSLA

Have I said lately that I hate TSLA.
I rolled a Jan. 3, 350 put to Jan. 3, 430 for 11.68, giving me a Jan. 3, 300/430 inverted strangle. I have collected 62.37 over 6 rolls. Next week I’ll likely roll again, earnings are coming up argghh.


BTO January 17, 605/620 bull call spread at 6.80