#earnings #closing FDX This morning…

#earnings #closing FDX

This morning sold Jan. 17. 135/185 strangle for 1.37, bought this afternoon for 1.09. I’ve added the double calendar that Jeff put on.

HIIQ Call Rolled / AMZN BUCS Partial Close

$HIIQ BTC 12/20 21 call and STO 1/17 25 call at added .30 credit. Stock at 22.

$AMZN BTC 12/20 1760/1800 BUCS at 24.00. BTO on 12/9 for 15.98.

BA put spread

Every time I think the bad news has to be over something else comes out that proves me wrong. But I’m doing a technical trade here with the stock bouncing off its lows and looking to climb back inside the bollinger bands. Sold $BA 1/17 310/300 bull put spread @ 1.52 with the stock now above 328. Short puts at 22 delta. IVR is relatively low (15) so volatility contraction won’t help me here. Need time and hopefully direction to get out of this early.


STO January 17, 135 puts at 4.10

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Dec 18th 3150/3170-3220/3240 condors for .80, IV 7.89%, SPX 3195.

Since Upside Warning s firing today, this leans bullish, with usual .06 delat on call side but .10 on put side.

FDX dub cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $FDX Dec20/Dec27 162.5 #DoubleCalendar for .85.

Betting on Higher Vol.

STO VIX Jan22 13.5 Puts @ .75

#LittleRocketMan and the VIX is at the low end of its range.

Closing HD

Bought to close $HD 1/17 205/195 bull put spread @ .34. Sold for 1.89 on 12/3. With a month to go and IV now really low (IVR down to 7), no sense keeping this trade open any longer.

Christmas Surprise??

As long as I’m resurrecting old hashtags how about this one? Lol

#LittleRocketMan **


** Might not be the exact old hashtag but seems to work now.

AVGO Earnings

#ShortPuts #Earnings – Went out an extra week for the premium. Nice rally so booking it.

Bought to Close AVGO DEC 20 2019 310.0 Put @ .30 (sold for 3.30)