#earnings Data From 2019 I…

#earnings Data From 2019

I placed 223 and closed 219 earnings trades in 2019.
Of those that were closed;
114 strangles, 23 double calendars, 17 iron condors, 10 short straddles, and a bunch of “various” including jade lizards, long puts and calls as hedges.
Nearly every trade was a 1 lot. I bought 3 HD double calendars by mistake and it went to the losers bracket.
I made $10,108. 197 trades were profitable with a range of 3 cents to $711. This was an assignment that worked in my favor, obviously. The average was $46.15.
There were 22 losers totalling $3,134. $1,936 in losses were from 2 trades, CL and GS early in the year. Being assigned was the cause of some losers. That is the risk with selling premium, every now and then we can get burnt.
21 trades had to be rolled, but I’m not confident of that number.
I was assigned 7 times.
I have some unsettled losing positions in TSLA (grrr), STT and ZM. SBUX is unsettled but is green.

Thank you to everyone who provides ideas and advice and trade management.

Many many thanks to Jeff for the earnings data, I make many requests and he is always gracious in providing the information, as he is with this excellent website.