ROKU Rolled

$ROKU BTC 12/13 145 calls and STO 12/13 147 calls at 1.47 debit. Stock at 150.58. If called away I would gain .53 on the 1.47 “investment”. I will try the roller coaster a few more times before stock taken away, I think.

SPX closed

#SPX1dte Bought to close $SPX Dec 4th 3120 calls for .20. Condors sold yesterday for .80.

#shortputspread HD Sold Jan. 17,…

#shortputspread HD

Sold Jan. 17, 195/205 for 1.45. I’m count on HD having bottomed after earnings at about 213.

RH Earnings

#IronFlies #Earnings – With over a 20 dollar move expected this has very little if any chance of working. Playing it as a lottery ticket out of boredom. Let’s see a 200 pin on this on Friday. 🙂 🙂

Only filled on one so far…

Sold RH DEC 6 2019 195/200/200/205 Iron Fly @ 4.80

Risk 20 to make 480 (now that’s a lottery ticket!)

SIG alert

#Earnings Sold to Open $SIG Dec 6th 17 #LongStraddle for 2.86. Stock must move over 16.7% to become a loser. Avg move has been 14.57%.

#earnings #jadelizard FIVE Sold Dec….

#earnings #jadelizard FIVE

Sold Dec. 20, 105/118/120 for 2.50.

Thanks for the earnings data Jeff

SHOP put spread

Sold $SHOP 12/20 345/335 bull put spread @ 1.92. Will get out of it if today’s move doesn’t hold.