NTNX #SyntheticCoveredCall I love NTNX….

#SyntheticCoveredCall I love NTNX. I love their story. I love their technology. I loved them at IPO. I loved them at $45. I loved them at $14 (yes I held and hedged all the way down). The stock is nice for swing trading. Options are monthlies only (hoping for weeklies soon!). They have earnings on Thursday. Selling an in-the-money put is pretty identical to a #CoveredCalls (without having to buy stock). I would like to get about 15 short puts lined up before earnings, the thought being that stock assignment would give me a 1/2 size position, leaving room for more put selling after the report.
STO tranche #1: Dec 35 puts x 5 at 2.80 Will look to add 10 more over the next 2 days.