SVXY calculations

#VXXGame Ok, here’s my thinking. I am short 6 naked options between 75 and 120. I also have two spreads, 30, and 40 points wide. All expire by September.

I have calculated two scenarios:

1. I take assignment on the naked options, and allow the spreads to expire and take the loss.
That would result in a $60,000 cash outlay and 600 shares of stock. So $100 per share.

2. Take assignment of the 6 naked, SELL the longs from the spreads when stock is at 15.00, and also take assignment from the 2 remaining shorts.
That would result in a $63,000 cash outlay for 800 shares, or 78.75 per share.

So #2 is preferred, PROVIDED $SVXY survives and gets its way back at least to 78.75.

Thoughts, anyone?