SPX trades

#SPXcampaign High $TICK readings of the day… the lows could be in.

Sold to OPEN $SPX Feb 9th 2565/2540 put spreads for 2.20. Expire tomorrow, 70 points OTM.

Sold to CLOSE $SPX Feb 9th 2590/2570 put spreads for 2.75. Bought for 4.25 on Tuesday. Was riding the limit price on this one at the lows, but liquidated once I saw new TICK highs; loss is covered by the one I sold above.

Earlier: Sold to Open $SPX Feb 23rd 2450/2425 put spreads for 2.00.
Closed on GTC order: Feb 9th 2740/2765 call spreads for .25. Sold for 6.20 on Tuesday.