SVXY thoughts

After getting back home and having some time to look over this whole issue I’ve got some thoughts about how best to recover some of the drop while lowering the risk. This all requires some assumptions:

2. After the Aug 2015 drop the stock recovered 50 percent first year in choppy trading so best we could expect would be 20-25 a year from now.
3. Put premium will remain juicer than call premium for quite awhile.

I’m considering using the #pietrades strategy as a repair possibility. It could be done at the same size as the stock assignment or slightly smaller to reduce risk. Could be laddered in also. For example if you were assigned 1200 shares only run the repair with six or nine positions. This would minimize risk in the event of a termination and if it survives there’s absolutely no hurry to get back to even. It will be a long process.


1. When assigned stock immediately sell it or sell at the money calls until stock is called away. This would establish the total loss realized so far. Set that number aside and use the #pietrades to reduce it over time.

2. Sell at the money puts for next week (or ladder out one, two, or three weeks). This could be nice since you could sell straddles each week after the initial assignment.

3. Continue this until assigned

4. When assigned immediately sell covered calls at or slightly above the basis of the stock.

5. Continue that until stock called away

6. Rinse and repeat

7. Continue this until the stock has doubled. At that point we’re probably safe. In 2015 the stock really started climbing after that first year.

8. Continue #pietrades or go synthetic long with EXTRA disaster puts!!

Thinking out loud here….