#pietrades for next week. Will…

#pietrades for next week.

Will be assigned on AAPL today at 165, cost basis 161. Will re-load next week or when we have a little pull back (everything extended again).

Opened ERX CC at 28 strike, cost basis 27.5 on 5 contracts $260 income.

Closed XBI 85 put at 0.06, sold for 1.15.

Staying pretty close to goal of $900 a week income on 50k account.

Next week expirations wil be GILD at 72 CC, GM put at 42.5, and ERX. Will probably add another early next week. Trying to build up to 5 names, 3 contracts each.

SVXY hit 13, only 77 more points to go after calculating my avg. cost around 90! 🙂