#pietrades and #optionsexpiration Not much…

#pietrades and #optionsexpiration

Not much today, taking assignment of LNG puts at 55.5 strike. Cost basis 55.02. Start selling calls on Monday.

Rolled NSC 141 covered call today to next week 140 for 1.40 credit. Cost basis now 138.57.

Already rolled GM to next week, will take assignment, collect dividend then sell calls. Cost basis 39.3

MAR 138 does not expire until next week because I hit the wrong button on Monday when I sold it.

Once I clear some of these out will restart #spycraft actually using spy and will adjust by adding in the middle calls/puts if needed. First adjustment would be a roll like @jeffcp66 but if it keeps moving then try the new style.

Will set up 45 DTE and each 3-7 days add new cycle. Once 3-4 weeks rolling manage it like a continuous ladder of credit spreads.