Mar 11 #Fuzzy Land +…

Mar 11 #Fuzzy Land + how to make $700 the easy way
Hi Bistro Buds! Last week was a bit of a roller coaster huh? On Thur, before NFP, some technical health indicators I use looked a bit weak. So I took profits on all the index #AtomicFuzzy hedges and closed 1/2 of the core positions. Little did I know what a smart move that was. Remember the Atomics have a double size hedge, so the double hedge covered all the losses on the 1/2 core, then set up the remainder cores for the big move up on Friday. I got lucky, but I try to only get lucky once, then it goes in the tool box for future intentional moves. I realized what an important trade the Atomics are for high volatility, however because they are more expensive, the profit targets need to be tighter. The double hedge in the Atomics accommodates higher volatility, but when profits appear, they need to be taken quickly since profits will appear in declining volatility–which affects the protective legs of Fuzzies.
Friday I took off almost all of the Atomics, and replaced them with regular unhedged #Fuzzies that are free to fly in a “risk on” environment. The price of April Fuzz’s has come down by over 30%. Indexes are my focus. I also took the opp, in a still-elevated vol environment, to put on some of my favorite 20DTE 25/23 delta SPX bitties.
We received our very first 1-Standard Deviation up move on Friday since the big down moves aged off. I think everything is looking rosy. I’ll be watching carefully for follow through early this week on market activity. The closed Fuzzies for the quarter has a 5-figure 35 handle now.

Oh I almost forgot….”How to Make $700 Easy”…. On Monday after hours when the market tanked on the Cohn announcement, I bought TEN TEENSY shares of AMZN. I thought it was ridiculous….how could 10 tiny shares help me in any way? Well…you know the answer to that now. This is going in the toolkit.

Good trading this week for everyone!

Sue 🙂