Music of the Week

Jeff, is this a new feature? Love it!!
Shoot it disappeared, it was in the right-side column.
Let me add a couple trades on here so this post has some bit of use:
CRM: rolled calls from May 18 to May 25. $131 stock assignment now has a cost basis of $127.20 #PieTrades
BA: Rolled puts on a put diagonal from May 18 to May 25, Cost Basis on a long put diagonal has moved up from 324.20 to 331.45 due to income collection. 64 days left on the trade for income collection.
GRUB: Took 70% profit on short puts for tomorrow and flipped the trade to a Jan 2020 Leap (100/100/90) with Jun 1 short calls. Leap core @ 21.60, Jun 1 106 calls @ 1.80.

In play for tomorrow:
AMZN Naked Put @ 1600, cost basis is 1578
NFLX Covered Call ITM, cost basis is 322.85 on a $330 assignment #PieTrades
NVDA ITM Naked Puts @ 257.5, cost basis is 250.69 #PieTrades
NTNX ITM Covered Call, not sure cost basis
LMT Jade Lizard is still in the sweet spot for nice profit