Monday #pietrades and a #supercharger…

Monday #pietrades and a #supercharger and a credit spread

Premium dried up but could still find a few trades that would make at least 1% in a week, 10% in a month or more.

1. 4 DTE MU 51 CC for 50.10 based on friday prices, that will change some at the open but it will be around there. That is my disclaimer for all of these, based on Friday prices.

2. MAR 132/129 put credit spread for 0.37 or so for 6.8.18 expiration

3. AAL 42 put for 4 DTE for 0.45 and puts and calls are at parity. Maybe @fuzzballl can save a few gallons of fuel and the price will go back up.

4. SMH 25 DTE #supercharger 90/95 call spread for 4.5

Question for @fuzzballl on #fuzzies. What delta do you usually start with on the LEAPs on the long term fuzzies? You going deep or more like a calendar? I find easier to adjust as a calendar but obviously a deep ITM LEAP is going to behave more like a CC.