SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX May 22nd 2805/2825-2895/2915 condors for .95

Also, sold a wider condor, legging in…
Yesterday, sold May 31st 2725/2700 put spreads for 2.10
Today, sold May 31st 2920/2945 call spreads for 3.00


JWN STO 5/24/19 36.5 PUTS @.82

Closing a VXX position

Sold to close $VXX 5/31 32/27 bear put spread @ 3.90. Bought for 2.50 on 5/9.


JWN STO 5/24/19 39.0 CALLS @.82
JWN STO 5/24/19 35.5 PUTS @.62 Got a 1.44 to shield me for 3 days.

#earnings WSM

Jeff do you have Williams-Sonoma data, looks to be an earnings mover? Thanks


January 17, 2020 options opened.

#ironcondor sort of VXX

TastyTrade idea sold June 21, 22/27 short put spread and bought 27/30 long call spread for .65 credit. makes money at the next trade talks are going badly tweet


PBYI STO 5/24/19 16.0 ITM CALLS @.50 Stock was at 16.10
Will cover with stock @16.50

#coveredcalls AVGO

Sold June 7, 297.50 call for 1.00. I have 100 assigned shares with a new cost basis of 297.97, which wasn’t too bad when I was strong armed in acquiring them, stock now at 275. This expiration is just before earnings, and likely just before a 2.65 dividend as well. I’d prefer not to be owning this high priced stock.

#earnings #closing MPC

May 7, sold a June 21, 50/65 strangle for 1.31, bought today for 1.04, probably the wrong time to be out of an oil stock but taking the small profit.