IRBT / GOOGL Adventure / SPX1DTE / LABU CVX Short Calls SFIX Expired / FB Assigned/ KNX SQ Short Puts

$IRBT BTC 5/3 98/102 BUPS for .20. STO at 1.35.
$IRBT STO 5/10 95/100 BUPS for 1.00
$IRBT STO 5/10 100105 BUPS for 2.05 You rock @honkhonk81

$GOOGL Misadventure
Assigned this morning stock $2000 (Yikes) Fortunately stock had a good day and I could close
the 5/3 1190/2000 BUPS at .50 per contract less than a total loss. Sold on 4/30

$SPX 5/3 2850/2870/2945/2965 will show 90% of profit as market closed finally. Thank you @jeffcp66

$CVX STO 5/10 119 call at .78. Sold against 5/17 long 125 calls. The 5/3 120 calls expired. Sold for 1.52. If this expires the losing trade (so far) of the long call will be reduced by 2.30. They were bought for $3. And another week possible.
$LABU BTC 5/3 50 call and STO 5/10 51 call at 1.45 added credit (Covered) Thank you @hcgdavis.

$SFIX 28 call (covered)

$FB 195 calls

$KNX STO 6/21 30 put at .80
$SQ STO 6/21 65 put at 1.82 Thank you @thomberg1201

Almost escaped

#SPX1dte SPX ended the day right on the line…. my 2945 short calls will likely settle with a debit of 19 to 50 dollars. Condors sold yesterday for .80.


IRBT Gained +5 this week….

IRBT Gained +5 this week. Ha, ha geewhiz, no the robots are not taking over………YET


#Earnings #Rolling #revengetrade
Sold $GOOGL May 17th 1220/1210 put spreads for 7.75. Replacing my fully ITM spread of the same strikes expiring today.

#shortputs #closing IRBT

April 26, sold a post earnings, @honkhonk81 influenced 95 put for 2.10, bought today for .70

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX May 6th 2885/2905/2970/2985 condors for .80. (IV: 6.77%, SPX 2944)

Econ Calendar for week of 5/6/19

More yapping from Jerome Powell on Wednesday morning.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 11.14.13 AM
Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 11.14.13 AM

Link to calendar: