Econ Calendar for week of 6/3/19

#Jobs report for May is Friday at 8:30am ET
Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 1.32.13 PM
Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 1.32.13 PM

Link to calendar:


#DiagonalBearCallSpreads – Surprised this thing isn’t higher today. Rolling out but not up for next week…

Rolled 1 UVXY MAY 31 2019 40.0 Call to JUN 7 2019 40.0 Call @ 2.09 credit (4.39 total credit now)

#rolling TSLA

May 15, sold a June 21, 180/275 strangle for 2.97. Today, rolled the call down to 190. I’ve collected 1124, have a little breathing room. TSLA is about 185.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open June 3rd $SPX 2670/2690-2800/2820 condors for 1.35. (IV 13.37%, SPX 2756)

Rolling IRBT

Continuing to extend the trade and lower basis–rolled my now short 6/21 92.50 puts to 7/19 90 puts @ .25 credit, and 6/21 95 calls to 7/19 95 calls @ 1.60 credit. I looked at using the #lizardpies strategy described by @hcgdavis but for this one the strike availability didn’t allow it (they’re 5 points wide in July right now and I couldn’t get more than 5.00 credit anywhere). Will look at on my next rollout.

Total premium taken in now 7.08 so my breakevens have been lowered (helped by being able to move the put strike down for a credit). Downside breakeven 82.92, upside breakeven 102.08.

UBER bad

#Earnings So much for my speculative play of a #LongStraddle. Seem like the stock really likes 40. Nonetheless it did bounce around today but was unable to sell at the best times because other commitments had me running around the house and town too much.

Sold $UBER 40 straddle for .45. Bought yesterday for 3.15
#Rolling: Sold $UBER Jun 14th 37/43 #ShortStrangle for 1.00. See if I can work that three times and get back the losses.

That loss erases my decent win on $ANF straddle, leaving me flat for the week.

Also, Sold to close $DG call calendar for .10. Bought #DoubleCalendar for .39 on Wednesday. Long 118 put as lottery ticket for next week.

Closing AMGN

Bought to close $AMGN 6/21 175/180 bear call spread @ .94. Sold for 1.55 on 5/28.


#ShortPuts – Originally was looking out to July near the 40 strike. Moving in a little closer in time and a slightly more aggressive strike…

Sold EWW JUN 28 2019 41.5 Puts @ .87

TLT call spread

Fading the move up in bonds via a 6/21 132/137 bear call spread. Sold for .79.

EDIT: Corrected expiration date to 6/21


STO September 20, 70/75 call spread at .45 cents against my long term leaps.