UVXY vertical call spread in July

Sold $UVXY 7/19 50/60 bear call spread @ 1.15 with UVXY at 37.41.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX May 24th 2735/2755-2860/2880 condors for .90 (IV: 16.11%, SPX 2820)

SPLK Earnings

#JadeLizard #Earnings – Almost identical to ADSK. This thing can go anywhere. If it tanks I’ll get the stock around the 50ma. A nickel of upside risk…

Sold SPLK MAY 24 2019 121/132/135 Jade Lizard @ 2.95

AMZN put spread

Sold $AMZN 6/21 1780/1770 bull put spread @ 3.38

Dub Cal updates

#Earnings Paid .02 to close the 110 put calendar on $LOW. It’s too low. Bought for .50 on Tuesday.

Sold to close half of the $CTRP May24/May31 38 #DoubleCalendar for .40. Bought yesterday for .26. Looking to close the rest when price drifts a bit higher, today or tomorrow.

Filled on more of the $INTU dub cal at 1.55. Still only partial fill, but I’m not going to go any higher.

I want to play $SPLK bullish but the market isn’t cooperating with my confidence.

Adding a BA call spread

Short puts breached on my 6/21 350/340 BuPS. Just sold a 370/380 BeCS @ 1.72 to bring in premium. Short strike at 24 delta. Will roll down the call spread if there’s further downside move in the stock.

SPX iron condor

Sold $SPX 6/10 2720/2695 BuPS + 2900/2935 BeCS @ 7.00 overall credit. Leaning a little big long with the short puts at 22 delta and the short calls at 12 delta.