SPX Campaign / CLX Covered Call

$SPX STO 5/17 2890/2915 BECS at 1.75

$SPX 2790/2770/2930/2950 STO at 1.15 Thank you @jeffcp66

$CLX STO 5/17 150 calls at .80

Long term portfolio is now only portfo lio has been lopped off.


#CoveredCalls – Stock is down but volatility up so selling these now up in some overhead resistance.

Bought to Close EWZ MAY 17 2019 41.5 Calls @ .03 (sold for .94)

Sold EWZ MAY 31 2019 41.0 Calls @ .41

SPX 4-dte

#SPX1-dte As another short term trade, replacing call spreads closed Friday,
Sold $SPX March 17th (weeklys) 2890/2915 call spreads for 2.95.

Also, closed today’s 2790/2770 put spreads for .30. Hovering between 1.00 and 4.00 all day, finally got out. I had to close the call spread at Friday’s close, unfortunately; it would not have been a concern today!


#DiagonalBearCallSpreads – Adding one…

Sold UVXY JUN 7 2019 55.0 Call @ 2.50

Damage control

/ES hedges are working well, just wish I had more of them. May add some more but looks like have found a bottom at least for today. Not being political but the tweeter in chief really needs to shut up and realize tariffs are bad for business.

Sorry I have been quiet the last few weeks. After recovering and getting back to work I have barely had time to eat. We had to move 400 patients while I was out and it really messed up the schedule. Hope to be caught up in the next few weeks. Also have not found a good way to separate the service trades from my other trades as they are often similar.

Anyway, I have been adjusting jade lizards and have found them to be easier to roll than just a put or a call. I was able to roll IBB down on Thurs. from 107.5 to 103.5 for a 0.01 debit. 4 points of extra downside for 1 penny, I will take it. Because I am selling the straddle the credit can often offset the drop.

So anyway here are my current positions. All will need adjusting this week. If we keep falling will convert some to LEAPs/ #fuzzy.

90% of these expire this week.
/es back ratio hedge, 79 DTE 2610 short 1 and long 2 2605 for 21.50 or $1075 for every 3 contracts. Up nicely 🙂 and I may roll down to take out some cash.
GILD 65/65 at cost basis of 6.79, 4.68, and 7.35. Keep working to zero cost basis.
IBB 103.5/103.5/104 jade lizard rolled down Thurs from 107.5 for 1 cent debit. CB 103.51. Will roll or convert
iWM 155.5 converted to 155.5/155/5/156 jade lizard for 0.30 credit. CB 154.18 will need roll
LNG 67.5 put was converted to #fuzzy for cost basis of 10.33
SQ 73.5/73.5/74 cb 1.27. Needs rolling.
XBI 84/84/84.5 jade lizard for 1.49 credit. Cb 82.51
LABU 50 cc for cb 46
QQQ 185/188 for 3.26
XBI 80/85 for 7.57 and 13.81
LNG 65.5/65.5/66 for 1.44 credit this morning
TNA 64 cc for 61.97
TQQQ 66 cc for 63.94
AMAT 43 puts for 1.03 cb 41.97

Obviously most of these will need rolling or adjusting toward the end of the week. We keep falling I will convert most to LEAPs on the put side.

Cheer 🙂

VXX longs adding

#VXXGame Bought more $VXX Jan 2020 20 puts for 1.40. Adding to first batch I bought for 1.75 on Jan 22nd.

The 2021 puts are still too expensive, but I’m watching.

#earnings #rolling LRCX

Jan. 23 I sold a Feb. 15 120/160 strangle, have made several adjustments, made another one. I had a May 17, inverted 160 call/190 put strangle that I rolled to June 21 165 put/185 inverted strangle for -.11. I’ve taken in 17.44 in premium through all the shenanigans. LRCX is at 189, down 8 today and has been as high as 209 a couple weeks ago.

NTES Earnings

#ShortPuts #Earnings – Earnings not until Wednesday but selling a little early with the big down day today…

Sold 1 NTES MAY 17 2019 230.0 Put @ 3.00