Closing EA

Meant to post this earlier–filled in the last hour of the trading day. Bought to close $EA 6/21 85/110 strangle @ 1.43. Sold for 2.16 yesterday so with the volatility contraction I was able to get out with a nice 1 day profit.

YELP strangle

#Earnings Bought to open $YELP May 10th 39.5/40 #LongStrangle for 4.37. I need an 11.8% move for breakeven. Avg move on earnings is 15.2%.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX May 10th 2760/2780-2920/2940 condors for 2.05. (IV 25.92%, SPX 2864)

A little more aggressive than normal from a delta standpoint, .08 on both sides rather than .06. But in quiet IV times I have gone as high as .10 to get enough premium, and these strikes are decently OTM. Puts 2.9% away and Calls 2.0% away. Yes, it’s possible, and if we get super big news tonight, I may get stopped out tomorrow.

CTL short puts

Sold $CTL 6/21 10 puts @ .33. Stock printing a hammer after the post-earnings gap down (between 3 and 4 standard deviations on the daily bollinger bands–now hanging around the 2SD lower band). If assigned, dividend yield will be 10% so I will likely take the stock if it closes below 10 at June expiration.

VXX long put spread

Again maybe a bit early, but on the chance that this vol spike has run its course, bought $VXX 5/31 32/27 bear put spread for 2.50 debit. 1:1 risk/reward. Breakeven in a little over 3 weeks is 29.50 with VXX currently trading at 30.76. Giving the trade a few weeks for vol to calm down in case I’m wrong. Will look to take 1.25-1.50 profit out of it.

Another UVXY call spread

Sold $UVXY 5/31 50/60 bear call spread @ 1.28

#shortstrangles AAPL

Sold June 21, 180/220 strangle for 2.65.

#earnings WYNN Z

WYNN Sold June 21, 110/155 strangle for 3.39.
Z Sold June 21, 35 straddle for 6.13. Thank you for the data Jeff.

Fading the ROKU move

I may be a bit early so I’ll have this on a short leash. Sold $ROKU 6/21 90/95 bear call spread @ 1.23.


Sold $AMZN 6/21 1815/1765 bull put spread @ 12.02. Delta of short strike 30. IV rank 39.