JD Closed Put / NFLX Close BUPS

$JD BTC 5/17 30 put at .10. STO at 1.19.

$NFLX BTC 5/17 350/355 BUPS at .60. STO at 1.35

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX March 17th 2810/2830/2910/2930 condors for 1.30. (IV 13.71%, SPX 2879).


HIIQ STO 5/17/19 24.0 CALLS @.40 Expires tomorrow.

DIS Covered Calls

Sold calls against some stock that I’m long to hedge part of my position. STO $DIS 6/21 140 calls @ 2.00 with the stock at 136.08. Delta 35. Strike is above the all time closing high from late April (stock was above 140 intraday on days in late April but never closed above it). Looking for resistance at that level.

A TRADE: Alert, my BuPS…

A TRADE: Alert, my BuPS is really a BeCS, didn’t know how to edit, if even possible. Alert!!!!

A TRADE: Taking a shot…

A TRADE: Taking a shot here for the thrill. ;>)

UBER STO a 5/24/19 45.0/48.0 BuPS @.65

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Stopped out $SPX March 16th 2895/2905 call spreads for 3.05. Condors sold yesterday for 1.20.

Another #CondorRoll, same strikes as I sold earlier for May 31st, but this time a week earlier:

Sold $SPX 2815/2840-2960/2985 condors for 4.55.


HIIQ STO 5/17/19 24.0 CALLS @.60
AMD STO 5/24/19 28.5 CALLS @.67 Covered

SPX smashed

#SPX1dte The biggest up days in history are all during times of market volatility. On a percentage basis, the Fall of 2008 contains five of the top 10 biggest moves UP; a period in which the market was only starting its fall to lose over half its value.

So it is fitting a call spread I could have closed at yesterday’s open for about .45 I now had to stop out for 8.00. Today’s action has provided no pullback opportunities, although I imagine there’ll be one now that I was finally forced out.

BTC $SPX May 17th 2890/2915 call spreads for 8.00. Sold for 2.10 on Monday.

#CondorRoll Sold $SPX May 31st 2815/2840/2960/2985 condors for 6.65

I’m also going to take a loss on today’s monthly condor call side. I cannot risk overnight gap risk on the 2895 short calls.


#LongPuts – I had bought these as lottery tickets in a 401k with the plan of selling put spreads against them to pay them off. I’ve just been advised that spread trading will not be allowed in this account so walking away with the .30 loss. I could still set up the spread with two trades but refuse to pay Fidelity the extra commissions.

Sold CMG JAN 15 2021 210.0 Puts @ 1.50 (bought for 1.80)