TNDM Closed Puts / SPX Campaign / IRBT Calls / Roll NVTA Calls

$TNDM BTC 5/17 65 puts at 2.60. Have been rolling since 4/7. Total credit taken in 5.15.

$SPX BTC 5/10 2970/2985 BECS at .25. STO 5/2 at 3.35. Thank you @jeffcp66

$IRBT STO 5/10 100 call at 1.30 Thank you @honkhonk81
$NVTA BTC 5/17 25 calls and STO 5/17 22.50 calls at .25 credit (covered) as stock dropped on earnings.

STMP’d out

$STMP tanking again… oh, to have been short!

SPX expires

#SPX1dte Expiring: $SPX May 8th 2780/2800/2930/2950 condors, sold yesterday for 1.05.


STO IC May 10 80/83Calls 50/47 Puts $.27

WYNN earnings

TOS is confirming tomorrow after the close. These guys are always a guessing game until last minute.

TQQQ calls

#SyntheticCoveredCalls #LongLEAPs I’m still at it, selling weekly calls against my Jan 2020 66.67 long calls. I have been underwater and ITM on them for a few weeks, but the pullback allowed me to escape. I mistakenly forgot to close some ITM calls expiring Friday, so Monday’s gap down was super fortunate and allowed me to finally get above water.

Monday: Sold $TQQQ May 17th 68.5 calls for 1.26 (and covered short stock assigned Friday)
Today: Sold TQQQ May 24th 67.5 calls for 1.23

UVXY weekly call spread

Sold $UVXY 6/7 50/60 bear call spread @ 1.25 with UVXY currently at 40.65

#earnings #closing BUD

May 6, sold June 21, 80/95 strangle for 1.44, closed today for 1.04, agree with Jeff, not taking chances.

#earnings ROKU

Sold June 21, 50/80 strangle for 3.36, TastyTrade idea, thanks to Jeff for the data

A TRADE: Post is not timely.