TNDM Closed Puts / TSLA Puts / Rolled NFLX Calls / PYX Covered Calls /

$TNDM BTC 5/31 69 puts at .75. Had sold for 4..08 on 5/20

$TSLA BTO 1/17/2019 185 puts at 33

$NFLX BTC 5/31 367.50 calls and STO 6/7 357.50 calls at 4.01 added premium.
$PYX STO 6/21 22.5 calls at .05


#ShortPuts – One to watch tomorrow. Five percent tariffs announced tonight on Mexico. This thing rarely trades below 40 and it could easily open down there tomorrow…

#optionsexpiration and actually these are…

#optionsexpiration and actually these are for next week, I rolled everything today.

Sorry I have not had time to post for anyone that was following trades. I will do a better job of at least a weekly update. That is how I trade. 95% of my trades are on Thurs. so a weekly update should keep things up to date.

Lots of trading last few weeks but equity curve flat. Need the trade tariff BS to end. Not good for business 😦
Most of my trades have been converted to #fuzzy or #lizardpies for recovery.

/ES 62 DTE 2610/2605 back ratio has made a few $. It’s real purpose is to guard against a 2/6/18 or 8/24/15 event. Hope I don’t need it but would get a lot of cash then. However like an insurance policy I expect to lose on this.

LABU 45 cc at 44.25 cb and 40 cc at 37.13 and another batch of 40 cc at 38.42
TNA 60 cc at 59.69
TQQQ 63 cc at 62.15
AMAT 22 DTE 42 CC at 41.04. Assigned off a 43 put but had some credits as a cushion

EOG 92.5/90 rolled down to 87.5/87.5 for a little debit. Cost basis 15.44 but because I had made some on the longs it put some cash back in the account.
GILD 65/65 rolled next week for 0.29 credit. Cost basis 5.91. Should not be too much longer for a free trade.
LNG 67.5/67.5 rolled for 0.34 credit. Cost basis 9.99 down from 15.57 at onset only 4 weeks ago.
XBI 80/80/85 rolled for 0.70 and cb 5.57
XBI 80/85 cb 12.50. This is a new batch we are doing live as an experiment. Avg. about 4% cost reduction per week. With monthlies it is larger about 6-8% but the theta decay is slower. 6% per month is 96% per year.
GILD 65/65 rolled for 0.28 for cb of 3.78. Freebie soon I hope 🙂 but this is also an experiment that will be taken all the way to expiration in 2021.
GILD 65/65 rolled for 0.28 at 6.45. Same as above but this is tracking the compounded addition of contracts as the rolls spit off cash.

IBB 103.5 rolled down to 102/102/102.5 for total credit of 0.84. This has been recovered all the way from 107/109 strikes. Shows the flexibility of the #jadelizard as a tactic for adjustments.
IWM rolled down from 150 to 149/149/149.5. Reduced debit from 2.11 to 1.63 as I have recovered this from 155/157 strikes. I gave back a little credit to reduce margin.
SQ 63.5/63.5/64 rolled for total credit of 2.19. Looks like it found a bottom.
XBI 81.5 rolled down to 81/81/81.5 for total credit of 2.35.
LNG 64/64/64.5 rolled down from 66 for 1.68 total credit.

Once I can close a few of these, hopefully next week, will start some 21 DTE #lizardpies and create ladders. Some of them will be skewed to downside to just have steady income with every expiration and let them expire each week. Add new ones every Monday or Thurs.

Stay nimble, I suspect there is more volatility ahead but take advantage of the increased premiums 🙂

Here is an example of a 22 DTE #lizardpies I am looking at.


7 points of downside protection. No risk to upside. Income over 3 weeks, can probably close early for 50% or more profit.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Somehow I plum forgot to put this on, so I did it after the bell.

Sold $SPX May 31st 2720/2740-2825/2845 condors for 1.10. (IV 14.3%, SPX 2788).

Closed SPX IC

Bought to close $SPX 6/10 2720/2695 BuPS + 2900/2935 BeCS @ 3.99. Sold for 7.00 on 5/23.

UBER straddle

#Earnings This is speculative because $UBER has not previously posted earnings, but my guess is this stock will move more than $3.00 (7.5%) on earnings. $LYFT moved over 10% on its first report.

So I’m buying a #LongStraddle. I’m going to try to leg in, which is often a mistake for me, but trying any way.

Just now bought $UBER May 31st 40 call for 1.45.
Order in to buy 40 put for 1.50, banking that stock will rise a bit from here. If not, I’ll buy the 39.5 put instead.


#LongPuts #LEAPS – Closed the last third of these earlier. Orders in to replace them at lower prices. Decided I’ll trade around these LEAPS for awhile instead of holding them until expiration.

Sold to Close 5 UVXY JAN 15 2021 50.0 Puts @ 28.15 (bought for 22.90 average)

ULTA Earnings

Modified #JadeLizard (unbalanced skewed iron condor?) with some downside protection and no upside risk. Breakeven down near the 200ma and near the average move of the stock on earnings.

Sold 1 ULTA MAY 31 2019 280/305/340/345 @ 5.12


#CoveredCalls – Plugging away…

Bought to Close REGN MAY 31 2019 325.0 Call @ .10 (sold for 2.00)
Sold REGN JUN 14 2019 320.0 Call @ 4.10


#ShortPuts – Recently had all of my stock called away (again). Looks to be pulling back into congestion so reloading at the 50ma. Ex dividend on July 9th and earnings on July 24th so I’d like to be back in it again by then so…

Sold T JUL 05 2019 31.5 Puts @ .53

Still 16.35 percent annualized if I don’t get the stock…