Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues

Happy for you Fuzzy, and all long-suffering Blues fans!

Game 7

I feel like I might have jinxed game 6, so I’m not gonna say anything about who’s gonna win tonight, Fuzzy. All I’ll say is enjoy the game. It’s looking to be a great one!

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX June 14th 2815/2790 put spreads for .25. Sold for 2.50 on Friday.

Expired: June 12th 2825/2845/2920/2940, sold yesterday for .95.

SPX Campaign Close Early and Expire

$SPX BTC 6/14 2815/2790 BUPS at .50. STO for 2.45 on 6/7
$SPX 6/12 2850/2825/2920/2940

Thanks @jeffcp66

LULU earnings

Sold 6/21 150/155/185/190 iron condor @ 2.25 credit.
Stock around 170.30. Short strikes right at expected move (+/- 15 points).

Play Puts

$PLAY STO 7/19 40 put at 2.30.