ISRG Bull Call / SPX CAmpaign / NFLX Roll

$ISRG BTO 7/19 525/535 BUCS at 4.92

$SPX 6/24 2890/2910-2985/3000 condors expired. Sold for.70 Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX BTC 6/262985/3010 call side closed at 1.20. STO at .40. Leaving the put to expire.

$NFLX BTC 7/5 365 call and STO 7/19 375 call at added $4.10 credit. Earnings 7/17 so watching closely. Stock closed at 371.04

Downside Warning canceled

#VIXIndicator It’s been awhile since we started this Warning, so I missed the fact that it was canceled on Thursday with the new SPX high. So now we set up for either a new Downside Warning or an Upside Warning. See the sidebar for those levels.


#ShortPuts – Thanks @Ramie for the idea…

Sold XBI AUG 02 2019 77.5 Puts @ .84


GOOSE STO 6/28/19 37.5 PUTS @1.10

NLSN–a little early perhaps

Sold $NLSN 7/19 22 puts @ .75. Stock hasn’t bounced yet today so I’m likely early here. But an assignment at 22 will give me a basis of 21.25 and a 6% dividend.

XBI August

Sold $XBI 8/16 78 puts @ 1.21. Strike below the May lows. Delta 20.

Would it make sense to…

Would it make sense to sell DUST puts at this time?