CMG call spread

Borrowing an idea from Tom at TastyTrade. Sold $CMG 7/19 750/760 bear call spread @ 3.60. Stock at 729.40 up almost 15% over the last week. Daily chart shows resistance around the current price.

#assignment LRCX

I was assigned last night on LRCX, short 100 shares, at 165 from a January earnings trade gone bad that has been rolled and rolled and rolled. LRCX is at 189. I have a June 21, 185 short put and have collected $2275 in premium. This may workout ok.

Closing a VXX put spread

Hit my 50% profit target, so sold to close 6/21 32/27 bear put spread @ 3.75. Bought for 2.44 on 6/3.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX June 12th 2825/2845-2920/2940 condors for .95. (IV 11.85%, SPX 2881)

A TRADE: Thanks to Ramie…

A TRADE: Thanks to Ramie with a different expiration.
A Jade Lizard
HIIQ STO 6/21 34.0 CALL @.51
HIIQ BTO 6/21/19 CALL @.23
HIIQ STO 6/21/19 PUT @.92 =118.42 NET

BYND put spread

Sold $BYND 7/19 90/80 bull put spread @ 2.25. Going far out of the money with the short strike at 14 delta and more than 40 points out of the money.

There’s some meat on the bone with out of the money option premium. See what I did there?

Rolling BYND #ShortPuts – Jun14…

Rolling BYND #ShortPuts – Jun14 125 to Jun28 110 (bottom of the breakout level) for 1.45 credit.


#ShortPuts – Slow week so far…taking these off early.

Bought to Close EEM JUN 21 2019 39.0 Puts @ .04 (sold for .52)


GOOS STO 6/14/19 35.0 PUTS @ 1.00 Near the money

TNDM Rolling Puts

$TNDM BTC 6/14 68.50 put and STO 6/21 68.50 put at .95 credit