Close but no cigar / Last minute heart break. SPX just popped up over 2826 with less than 10mins in the day.

BTC June 5 2825 / 2840 $SPX #BeCS @2.00 – was the call side of an IC opened yesterday for 1.3. I’ll let the 2725/2740 puts expire.

SPX 9-dte

#SPX1dte Too much bullish action not to sell something.

Sold $SPX June 14th 2890/2915 call spreads for 2.00, IV 14.39%, SPX 2826

SFIX Earnings

#Earnings – Lotsa premium in this one. Selling an iron fly just inside the expected move…

Sold SFIX JUN 7 2019 21.5/24/24/26.5 Iron Flies @ 2.10

Risk 40 to make 210


#DiagonalBearCallSpreads – Playing it safe. Had to roll this on Friday last week so bailing now.

Bought To Close UVXY JUN 7 2019 40.0 Call @ .26 (sold for 4.39)

FIVE condor

#Earnings Selling this with a bullish lean based on its history… -3.2% on downside, +11.3% on upside

Sold $FIVE June 7th 117/120-138/141 #IronCondor for 1.31.


STO July 40 puts @ 1.08

STO September 35 puts @ 1.48

Testing the water to see if traders are still bearish. Yesterday I sold some September 70/80 bear call spreads for .48 cents

FIVE Earnings

#Earnings #JadeLizard – Going for extra downside protection again so selling the call side at the money. As usual no upside risk and playing for a move down to the 200ma.

Sold FIVE JUN 7 2019 117.0/126.0/129.0 Jade Lizard @ 3.10

A TRADE: New strategy for me.

Had a handful of stock I didn’t want to lose, which I encumbered with short calls. The stock moved up, and I regretted selling the Calls, soooo, I STC the original trade, and BTO a similar trade, 3 strikes higher, with the same expiration. Credit of 1.00, plus extra 3 strikes. Questions solicited. Rolled up but not out.

HIIQ BTC 6/21/19 26.0 CALLS @3.60 Less original premium = loss of $1.00.
HIIQ STO 6/21/19 29.0 CALLS @2.00

UBER roll

#Earnings #StrangleRoll #ThatDidntTakeLong

Sold this strangle Friday as a roll from losing #LongStraddle. Already breached, so rolling. Fortunately, the ATM options are not much more than the strangle sold for.

BTC $UBER June 14th 37/43 #ShortStrangle for 1.40. Sold for 1.00 on Friday.
STO $UBER June 21st 40/46 #ShortStrangle for 1.05

Closing JNJ

Bought to close $JNJ 7/19 120 puts @ .60. Sold for 1.23 on 5/29.