SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX June 21st 2890/2910-2990/3010 condors for .65, IV 13%, SPX 2954.

SHOP call spread

$SHOP printing an inverted hammer today and coming back inside the upper bollinger band on the daily chart. This may have topped out for now. Sold 7/19 340/350 bear call spread @ 3.33. Short strike above today’s high.

Keeping it on a short leash and will close out quickly if the stock reverses back up and tests 340 again.


A TRADE: I STO the contracts this morning, and BTO the stock too. So I’m rolling it out now for .16 credit, and 2.5 strikes higher.

TLRY BTC 6/21/19 47.0 CALLS @2.25
TLRY STO 6/28/19 49.5 CALLS @2.41

OK, I’m in, after being…

OK, I’m in, after being shut out all day. Comments are not timely.

STO TLRY 6/21/19 47.0 CALLS @1.00 Covered
STO TLRY 6/28/19 47.5 CALLS @1.70 Covered

Blow off top?

SPX plunging, Gold rising, VIX spiking.

RHT long shot

#Earnings #Takeover Bought $RHT June 21st 190 calls for .06, .09, .10.

I doubt this will go anywhere but it’s costing me almost nothing. Was filled for .09 on IB, then TOS would only allow .05 increments, so bought there for .10, then went back to IB, bidding .09 for more and was filled for .06. I was charged zero commission for the .09 bunch, but 1.44 per option on the .06 bunch.

Brokers can be nutty.

SPX 9-dte stopped

#SPX1dte Stopped $SPX Jun 26th 2960/2985 calls spreads for 5.60. Condors sold for 3.00 on Monday.