GOOGL BUPS DOVA Calls Closed / Rolled TQQQ Calls

$GOOGL BTC 6/21 1145/1160 BUPS at total loss. Stock put to me last night. Nightmare!!!
$DOVA BTC 6/21 12.5 calls at .10. STO at .73
$TQQQ BTC 6/14 59 and STO 6/7 50 call for .45 credit. Who knew today would be THAT day.

#earnings CRM

Sold June 21, 130/170 for 1.10, took a while to fill. Thanks for the data Jeff

SPX 1-dte

Sold to Open $SPX June 5th 2730/2750-2830/2840 condors for .95, IV: 13.53%, SPX 2800.

What a face-ripping day for shorts.

Short squeeze

Had not looked at the market until after lunch, thatโ€™s what a true short squeeze looks like ๐Ÿ™‚

About time we had a green day

CRM Earnings

#JadeLizard #Earnings โ€“ Selling the lizard with the put side at the expected move and the call side nearly at the money with the stock up 4 dollars today. Playing for a slight down move with no upside risk.

Sold CRM JUN 7 2019 142.0/150.0/152.5 Jade Lizard @ 2.90

Closing ANET for 50% profit

Bought to close $ANET 6/21 230 puts @ 1.50. Sold for 3.00 on 5/3

Long Leaps still kicking

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls Still holding long leaps, both underwater but cost basis now about zero after all these calls I have sold. I also ended up long some TQQQ stock at 58.00, which I will hold for the eventual recovery.

Sold $TQQQ June 14th 52 calls for 1.15.
Sold $SQ June 14th 64 calls for .97