SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jun 26th 2865/2875-2945/2955 condors for .55. Due to lower premium I am trying a different approach: wings that are only 10-wide and double the position size. Risk is theoretically the same… and it should be the same in practice too, as the spreads will be cheaper to exit when stops are hit since the closer-in long options will have more value.

IV: 10.79%, SPX 2916


#ShortPuts – Thanks @geewhiz112 for the idea. Earnings should be the following week. 6.8% divvy at the basis I would receive the stock.

Sold ABBV JUL 19 2019 65.0 Put @ 2.01

#earnings MU

Sold July 19, 29/37 strangle for 1.06, profitable just outside the 1 day max moves. Thanks again Jeff.

AAPL put spread

Sold $AAPL 7/19 190/180 bull put spread @ 1.70 credit with the short strike at 30 delta, right around support,

ABBV Short Puts

$ABBV STO 7/19 65 put at 1.80. Stock dropped today on acquisition of Allergan.

VXX put spread

Bought $VXX 7/12 28/24 bear put spread @ 2.00. 1:1 risk/reward. Will look to take off for around 3.00.

AMZN Put Spread

$AMZN STO 7/19 1830/1880 BUPS at 6.35. Stock at 1895.73

CMG call spread

$CMG at resistance, now close to the low of the day. Sold 7/19 770/780 bear call spread @ 1.86 with the stock at 733.29.


Sold $ROKU 7/19 90/85 bull put spread @ 1.22.

A TRADE: A short strangle….

A TRADE: A short strangle. Keeps margin costs down.

TLRY STO 6/28/19 48.0 CALLS @1.06
TLRY STO 6/28/19 45.5 PUTS @1.10